The Everlove Mix 008

Deep Space Love

We start with a powerful entrance at the launch pad, anticipation making us tremble. The interstellar ship taking us to deep space is ready to fire. As we assemble, the energy needed to take us there builds in the thrusters. We launch into space, destination unknown, like destiny calling us ever deeper into the abyss. Deeper we dive, changing with the interstellar dimensions as we shift into the void towards endless glory. A presence from a place undiscovered seems to be gently guiding the way past galaxies across the cosmos. We surrender to this presence and allow it to change our course ever so slightly, knowing it will safely take us to a place of deep love, peace and understanding. Within us all is a dimension of Deep Space, waiting to be discovered if not already. In here, everything troubling melts away to a presence of eternal tranquility. Listen, Dance, and find this Deep Space Love within… with Everlove.