The Everlove Mix 003

LIVE! 4th of July 2018 vs. DJ Versaphile

A flowing energy initiation mix high atop the fabled and majestic Colorado mountains. The energy was pumping, the people were jumping, all to the vibe of DJ’s Versaphile and Everlove. DJ V Starts us out with a fantastic collection of breakbeat and smooth deep house, warming up the crowd with a energetic smile. Everlove takes over with Helsinki and brings us all consciously to another level of awareness with his signature mix of love infused vocal progressive house. Those who attended got a very special show of deep love from the mighty DJ Everlove. We are shown the light through mixing delight as we flow through the spacious beats giving sight. A message revealed to those listening for real, said the truth they do seek shall be found. Music is the answer to the questions you speak, as is intentional movement and dance. The rest is in nature, love and spiritual enhancements to reveal the truth of one’s self in a trance.