Everlove 063

Send it Back

Our lives operate on multidimensional facets. The distractions are plenty, and the source of all love and joy is within, always there to reconnect with. Clarity comes when we stand in unity with our truth, our north star, our guiding light. When this light goes dim, our journey in this life can become muddled, unclear, no purpose, no clarity of self. We are lost in our own bodies, drifting further and faster away from our truth, creating lies that we begin to believe and live as our truth. The feeling behind this is universally unsound and causes disruptions in our life to no end. Love is the mitigating factor. Love is the saving grace. Love will untangle the mess of overwhelming emotions, bringing you back to your center of truth. To all your past selves, wherever you are in time or space, send the love back to yourself … with Everlove.


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