Ecstatic Movement With Everlove

Ecstatic Movement with Everlove

Every other Saturday
1:00 – 2:30 pm
Starting June 17th

Selenite Studios
9083 W Peakview Dr.
Littleton, CO 80123

Movement is Healing

This class is about encouraging a natural, deeper awareness around your internal experience.

Becoming more comfortable and more connected to yourself
through music and movement.

To discover your own unique style.

Listening to what your body is telling you through feelings.

Exploring the healing power of evoking emotions and elements while moving in a mindful somatic practice in a safe, encouraging space.

Music is the answer

Jeff Rhodes (aka DJ Everlove)
will take you on a personally curated musical journey inspired by ecstatic dance with invitations encouraging you to explore the subtleties of your own unique inner experience. With the intention of getting out of your mind and into your body and the present moment.

Safety is Key

In a safe space with clear expectations. Where personal boundaries, choice, respect and self expression are prioritized. Giving you the opportunity to lean into the vulnerability of expressing yourself, and push your edges where you are comfortable.

If you are self conscious around dancing, afraid of what others would think or say, or want to take your dance flow to a deeper level, then this class will show you the way!

Discover for yourself

Bring a water bottle, Loose fitting or stretchy, comfortable clothes for free movement. An open mind, curiosity, and all parts of your authentic self.

Here, you can drop inhibitions to find more confidence in yourself. Release stuck emotions in your body. And discover your own unique flow…. with Everlove.

About the Instructor

Jeff Rhodes Headshot

Jeff has been a lifelong participant of dance and DJ culture. It lead him to discover the art of mixing beats, discovering his own dance flow, and creating journeys for the mind, body and spirit as DJ Everlove. It was so freeing to his soul, a release from this world, coming from a divine place beyond description.

When Jeff discovered Ecstatic Dance in 2018, he knew he had found home. It was such a refreshing, natural alternative to the normalized substance use of club, rave and EDM culture. He was emotionally touched in a way his body had craved his entire life and immediately fell in love.

Ecstatic dance has been such a healing, enlightening, transformational journey for Jeff that has profoundly changed his life. A trauma survivor who is still learning how his personality and behaviors were shaped as an involuntary survival response growing up. He was able to work through many triggers, fears, and limiting beliefs through the safe, encouraging space of ecstatic dance.

Jeff’s passion for sharing this powerful, inclusive, transformational space with others shows in his enthusiasm for this culture. He carries a strong belief in the healing power of somatic emotional release, internal discovery and growth possible from it.

Jeff is a powerful force of inspiration, proudly sharing his expertise with the students as an instructor at Selenite Studios.

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