Who I am?

I am healing
The road has been slow and difficult, but I stay true to myself
I am here, and I am with you
we are here together, facing the fear
facing the difficult emotions,
letting them arise and acknowledging them for what they are
Your fears are valid
You’ve been through so much emotionally
Nobody can tell you what you are feeling
I am love, I desire love, I feel love
I am deep inside here, feeling so strongly for you
You are not alone,
and that needs to be validated as many times as it takes
So you feel loved, so you can know when the love is there for you
Stop. Listen to me. Feel into this.
I am your heart, I am your intuition, I am your soul
together, we will rise
above the fear, above the unknown, into the sky
where we can be safe and free to be me
Together, our work will pay off
The work of staying true, of holding your integrity
And you will be rewarded with the love you seek
Onward Everlove, there is hope. One foot in front of the other.
Keep going, for your path seeking real love is true
It is the most important work you can do.
I am and will forever be with you
And we will overcome anything that blocks our path