The Everlove Mix 002

Melodic Progressive Energy

Life energy manifests in many ways that may not seem obvious why at first. A loss or sadness is not the end, it only seems that way. We grow and learn from our experiences. Our subconscious will often seek pain, as it is sometimes what we are shown as we grow up. The light energy within us all is always there to tune into, and we are never alone with it. When we think it’s gone, is the exact time it’s the strongest, appearing as a powerful teaching tool if we just listen. Darkness turn from fearful to intoxicating. All of a sudden, lyrics, melodies and beats in the music make more sense than anything we’ve ever heard. The pain starts to melt away into understanding of it, and ourselves. Instead of fighting the sensation, we embrace it, allowing us to be fully aware of our consciousness and true self. This is the life energy we breathe in and makes our heart beat move to the rhythm. Listen, move and be free… with Everlove.