Everlove Mix 023

An Annunaki Arrives

Our spirit journey on earth is about to kick into megadrive. We’ve made the conscious decision to stay and work with this reality to raise its vibration from lower old programming to new ways of Love and Spirit. As less dense higher vibrational veils begin to clear and break, so will all the old ways of fear based programming and systems. Beings of light who have ascended dream worlds are waiting patiently and supportively for us to come to these conclusions and give a helping strand of light to dissolve old energies and continue our global awakening. Find and connect with your inner Anunnaki on the 5D plane…with Everlove


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The Everlove Mix 022

Thankful Thinking

Selfless gratitude energy is the cornerstone of appreciation. Without it, actions would be meaningless, just another wave of the ocean, forgotten in time. When we show appreciation for other’s actions, it makes it more than meaningful, it makes it complete. An unspoken bond between spirit is formed when we are truly grateful for our surroundings, people in it, and life we live. This energy begets a fulfillment for being and validation for doing in all involved. When we recall what we’re thankful for, any other troubles slip away into unimportantness. Appreciate what you are grateful for… with Everlove.


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The Everlove Mix 021

Made in Merkaba

Our consciousness is wrapped up tightly within an ever flowing energy wave Merkaba, each unique to the soul it encompasses. A layer on top of the reality we inhabit, they connect in ways we cannot hope to comprehend in this realm. These waves coalesce into each other as we interact in the world, forming pathways towards our intentions. The closer we are to our true self, the more intense our energy wave is activated and resonates, calling out to be realized. The pathways towards dreams becoming ever clearer as we trust this divine light guiding all of us towards the same inner goal. Realize your everlasting infinite Merkaba wave…. with Everlove.


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The Everlove Mix 020

Loving Lessons

Love is the most powerful feeling in the universe. It can be easily mistaken as fear in the eye of the beholder, unless fully tapped into and realized. Love surrounds us as energy in everything we do. When we are loving, the world is loving back to us. The spring of love flows freely within us to be shared by all. Only shadows cast by the ego’s past would dam it up to hoard it for yourself. As sacred liquids of love are allowed to mix freely with the others around you, the formlessness begins to take shape into something tangible to be consciously shared. Let your spirit fountain of love flow effortlessly and continuously ….with Everlove.


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The Everlove Mix 019

Brutal Energy

The true nature of self exists in our experience and how we overcome. Our fears manifest in reality as recurring situations that we can continue to run from or face and process to end the cycle and evolve. The more we get used to this mechanism of evolution, the more intensely brutal the psychic waves of training to further evolve come. It is always up to your level of acceptance to that which can be realized of the chaos around you. Live for more pain and it will come. Overcome the pain, and it will resonate throughout. Face your Brutal Energy… with the healing dance of Everlove.