The Everlove Mix 018

Sweet Caviar of the Mind

Ideas, thoughts, dreams, these are the tinder and spark to the flame of reality. They exist first as the un-manifested, as our will alone can bring them into existence. Only our own doubts and fears will castigate these. True spirit will then light the way forward to complete the sequence. Never does the well run dry of this fuel when you trust you. Fill yourself with energy and creative ideas… with Everlove


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The Everlove Mix 017

Sensual Beats

The sensual sensation that grabs your heart is the feeling to pay attention to. It calls out like a heavenly trumpet opening up the skies and hitting you firmly in the base of existence, letting you know exactly the path to take to feed this new hunger. Follow your heart to find your inner sensuality. Your spirit will be reborn over and over in waves of ecstasy. Fulfill this desire until it can be satiated no more… with Everlove.

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The Everlove Mix 016

Crystal Beats

Earth crystals can be powerful when properly charged and used. In balance with the flow of nature, they can help balance your chi and energy centers. Wielded properly, they can hold the key to many mystical doors of the mind locked by ego. The power of the crystals have been infused into the ether of the beat for a spiritually delightful mix of epic proportions. Feel the healing strength of the crystals in your energy centers… with Everlove.

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The Everlove Mix 015

Progressive Balance

Once balance is achieved, many things are possible. Never swaying one way too far into either side of the pole, the center of balance is right where the soul desires to be. Demons and fears on one side, angels and love on the other, your true self right in the middle. All of these constructs of the mind there to point you towards something deep within that’s calling out for attention. When the balance is upset and one side of the force sways too far, sometimes it can be difficult to come back to balance without a guide. Regain this balance and reconnect with your true self… with Everlove.