The Everlove Mix 014

Epic Progressive Trance

Cosmic waves of inspirational energy come soaring in like beams of lightning enveloping every atom of your soul replacing old patterns. The trance state of being is so meaningful for the soul, everything else simply melts away under its gravity. Powerfully existing with grace and well-being, nothing can affect you while in this dimension. So powerful in fact, that simply being here causes us to inadvertently leak out tangible sensations that can be absorbed and desired by others in the reality around us. Be that light of hope causing waves and ripples around you…. with Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 013

Progressive Starlight

Shining bright from billions of miles away, the flicker of starlight fills the night sky. Beams of light encoding colors and frequencies of higher space. They send a message, but in a way we don’t know how to receive yet. Or do we? Perhaps it was encoded in us long ago by design, like an encrypted message in DNA waiting to be uncovered by those who can fully understand its true potential. Those who encoded this message ensured all who would do ill with this energy would never be able to access it. The power released by the information is too much for this dimension to handle, so it sits and waits silently between the real world and the dream world as raw energy. Realize this energy exists… with Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 012

Fire Progressive

A yellow spark starts the flame, encasing matter with elemental force. To fight this force is to fight nature itself. As the embers gain momentum, the essence of the fire gets stronger, dancing effortlessly in ancient patterns designed by angels and demons passing in and out of space. The intensity burns with vibrant colors, showing truth with each lick of the flame coming out of the ether. Peering deep within this flame of the soul can invoke a sense of power, vigor and life, for the fire is always in motion. To realize the true essence of the flame is to become freed by desire. Be consumed by the flame with this house and deep house expedition….from Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 011

Deep & Epic

Everlove marches on in mystic art training, spinning golden magic threads through orbs of light surrounding matter. This expedition smoothly takes us through deep avenues of enlightening energy. Heavenly beats encompassing consciousness warmly carry us to familiar lands of celestial abundance. Here, we find an inner light stronger than anything in the known world. Our light shines stronger the more we trust it and give it presence. This light is just above perception, yet always there to draw upon. Find this light within and shine for all to see… with Everlove.