The Everlove Mix 010

Deep Energy

A highly energetic emotional set to take your soul to a higher vibration. A deep blissful calm washes over again and again as waves of healing energy easily take all the pain away. What was already great is enhanced and seems to glow in a sort of ultra-reality. Golden love energy surrounds us and bathes us in warm, comfortable rays of divine synesthesia. Clear your chakras and connect with the everlasting flow of cosmic energy guided by the shaman Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 009

Epic Progressive

When it all comes together, there’s no other way to describe it…Epic. When the stars and planets align, and everything goes right…its Epic. When nothing else will do to satisfy a craving but this newfound sensation…Epic. Sometimes, something is so Epic, it defies explanation and can only be experienced to be realized. This is one of those times. Join us on our most Epic Progressive journey yet … with Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 008

Deep Space Love

We start with a powerful entrance at the launch pad, anticipation making us tremble. The interstellar ship taking us to deep space is ready to fire. As we assemble, the energy needed to take us there builds in the thrusters. We launch into space, destination unknown, like destiny calling us ever deeper into the abyss. Deeper we dive, changing with the interstellar dimensions as we shift into the void towards endless glory. A presence from a place undiscovered seems to be gently guiding the way past galaxies across the cosmos. We surrender to this presence and allow it to change our course ever so slightly, knowing it will safely take us to a place of deep love, peace and understanding. Within us all is a dimension of Deep Space, waiting to be discovered if not already. In here, everything troubling melts away to a presence of eternal tranquility. Listen, Dance, and find this Deep Space Love within… with Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 007

Dark Progressive

Our hero Everlove comes to you now with a magnificently solid Dark Progressive journey. The dark beat marches on, everlasting, driving closer to the goal. Never will the beat stop in its mission to bring the feeling of power and awareness to the masses. Charging up with golden and indigo vibes, then releasing at just the right moments to energize the anticipating soul. This connection keeps us going all day and well into the night from a seemingly endless supply of awakening energy. Enter the dark in the space between to reveal its ancient mysteries leading you to peaceful bliss. Let this bliss guide you into your true path…with Everlove.