The Everlove Mix 006

Deep, Dark & Epic Desire

Coming to you this week is a dark and epic deep house journey by Everlove. Our hearts are open to the sensations of the dark, allured to the mystery it hides. In the darkness, our deepest hopes and desires are waiting to take form. Do not suppress these, let them bloom and take shape until the darkness fades into light. True bliss comes from knowing what you desire and that you are on the right path to achieve this. Anything less is unacceptable. Listen, dance, and become this energy of desire…with Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 005

Global Progressive

A multi style tribute to the outpouring of energy felt from the music at Global Dance Fest. Such a wonderful, freeing experience to dance the day and night away in the heart of Denver. Quite inspiring to see so many different styles of music to be energized with and vibrate through movement and dance. With this power transmuted into these mixes, let the energy lift you in body, spirit and mind with this magnificent high energy Global Progressive journey by Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 004

Feral Progressive

The adventure continues! For this week’s mix we delve deep into the primal forest of Everlove for a luxuriously feral progressive energy mix to heal the soul. Deep within the jungle of the mind, demons, fairies and sprites hide just beneath the surface. That they exist is too real to ignore, that much is clear. Whether to let them torment or guide you is your choice. We might better accept they exist and realize them when we are aware of them. Upon encounter of demon or reaper, fear not. Search within for heart energy, and ask why they are there. Often, they transform into a close spirit, there to send us love, guidance, or a message toward your true self. Let your soul listen, your body dance and mind be cleared, with the power of Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 003

LIVE! 4th of July 2018 vs. DJ Versaphile

A flowing energy initiation mix high atop the fabled and majestic Colorado mountains. The energy was pumping, the people were jumping, all to the vibe of DJ’s Versaphile and Everlove. DJ V Starts us out with a fantastic collection of breakbeat and smooth deep house, warming up the crowd with a energetic smile. Everlove takes over with Helsinki and brings us all consciously to another level of awareness with his signature mix of love infused vocal progressive house. Those who attended got a very special show of deep love from the mighty DJ Everlove. We are shown the light through mixing delight as we flow through the spacious beats giving sight. A message revealed to those listening for real, said the truth they do seek shall be found. Music is the answer to the questions you speak, as is intentional movement and dance. The rest is in nature, love and spiritual enhancements to reveal the truth of one’s self in a trance.

The Everlove Mix 002

Melodic Progressive Energy

Life energy manifests in many ways that may not seem obvious why at first. A loss or sadness is not the end, it only seems that way. We grow and learn from our experiences. Our subconscious will often seek pain, as it is sometimes what we are shown as we grow up. The light energy within us all is always there to tune into, and we are never alone with it. When we think it’s gone, is the exact time it’s the strongest, appearing as a powerful teaching tool if we just listen. Darkness turn from fearful to intoxicating. All of a sudden, lyrics, melodies and beats in the music make more sense than anything we’ve ever heard. The pain starts to melt away into understanding of it, and ourselves. Instead of fighting the sensation, we embrace it, allowing us to be fully aware of our consciousness and true self. This is the life energy we breathe in and makes our heart beat move to the rhythm. Listen, move and be free… with Everlove.

The Everlove Mix 001

Deep Progressive

Enjoy this deep progressive atmospheric journey, weaved by Everlove and inspired by Tale of Us. We start moving slowly, peacefully, deliberately, embracing the tempo and becoming conscious of the now. Soon, we notice the steady building of energy as the mix progresses and envelops us even more. We surrender to the bass and lose ourselves in dance and movement. Time and pain start to dissolve as we enter the light energy. The world slips away, all our cares slip away as we get deeper into the mix. Our movements are unhindered, freeing, and absent from judgement or expectations. Intense sensations wash over us. Some are new, exciting and overwhelming, while others familiar and like home. We embrace it all in perfect motion.